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Cheating Partner Investigations - Clouds

Cheating partner, infidelity, affairs, adultery, unfaithfulness, call it what you will but a break down of any relationship can be one of the most difficult issues any person has to deal with and being on the receiving end can affect your state of mind, lead to resentment, a lack of self esteem or confidence and so on.

Moreover, the vast majority of people engaged in instructing TVI in the past have echoed similar sentiments and that is ‘without trust’ there could be no effective or meaningful relationship.

Our Response…

North East Detective Agency, TVI provide a highly effective, discreet and sensitive investigative service which examines in detail, the extent to which a partner may be cheating. TVI achieve this by understanding the range of issues which may be prevalent, by analysing those facts and then undertaking a period of covert surveillance to determine if those concerns meet reality.

The results are normally encapsulated in video imagery (supported by surveillance notes and a signed statement) although the deployment of a GPS tracking device as an alternative has been shown to be equally effective in a number of cases.

With Specialist Private Investigators in Middlesbrough, TVI work with clients from day one to help them separate myth from reality but also work with locally based law firms who are able to resolve other wide ranging issues such as Ancillary Relief, Calderbank Letters, Children, Costs, Domicile, Grounds, Legal Aid, Men and Divorce, Property Issues and Timescales.

By adopting this approach, that is working with clients from day one until matters reach a conclusion TVI have shown time and again that their customer focussed approach helps its clients throughout what are often emotionally difficult and stressful times.

TVI do not as a matter of policy offer a ‘honey trap’ service (setting your partner up to see if he / she falls for it) because it has been shown to be costly, ineffective and morally insensitive.

Top Ten Signs of a Cheating Partner in the North East

  • Working late
  • Increased concern about wardrobe or personal appearance
  • Weight loss
  • Suspicious phone calls - hang ups, wrong numbers, etc.
  • Lots of lies, excuses or deceit
  • Stops wearing wedding ring
  • Starts complaining, arguing or picking fights over trivial things
  • Decrease in sex life
  • Lipstick on his collar
  • Strange numbers on phone bills or on slips of paper
  • Unusual or unexplained charges on credit card bills

Cheating Partner?

Need Answers? Why not contact TVI, leading North East Private Investigators in Middlesbrough, for a free informal and confidential discussion?

Appointments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Code of Conduct

All investigations are conducted within a framework of legality, proportionality and necessity and follow a rigorous policy of respecting the principles enshrined within Article 8 Human Rights Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2001.

TVI is fully registered and protected with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998, all information is held in a secure environment in the business premises and appointments are available outside office hours.

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