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GPS Vehicle Tracking Investigations - Clouds

Misappropriation of company vehicles are one of many reasons why employers choose to instruct TVI to deploy a GPS tracking device onto their vehicles. It’s quick and easy; it does not require entry and has been shown to save employers money.

GPS tracking provides indisputable evidence as to the exact whereabouts of the vehicle, plant machinery or indeed any item that is subject to movement and the results can be viewed by the client in real time in the form of a ‘drive report’. It pin points exact locations, average speeds, and time spent at any given destination, moreover knowing arrival and departure times can be useful to employers is monitoring time keeping.

There are a number of inherent benefits to the deployment and publication of GPS tracking device data not least the clear and unequivocal message it sends out to other employees who will undoubtedly think twice before contemplating an unauthorised use of a company vehicle.

GPS Employment Private Investigations

GPS tracking data is frequently used to gather evidence in employment discipline hearings where the objective is to prove failed appointments, misappropriation of company vehicles (i.e. personal use as opposed to company related activity), time keeping issues and wastage of company fuel.

GPS Matrimonial Private Investigations

GPS tracking is commonly used to gather evidence in relationships which have broken down, sometimes for peace of mind but on other occasions to be presented ‘as fact’ at court in legal proceedings.

Why Not Listen In?

All TVI GPS tracking devices now contain an additional inbuilt microphone which enables voice transmissions to be overheard once the audio facility has been contacted and activated remotely. This facility has been shown to be particularly effective when deployed and concealed inside vehicles.

Code of Conduct

All investigations are conducted within a framework of legality, proportionality and necessity and follow a rigorous policy of respecting the principles enshrined within Article 8 Human Rights Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers act 2001. TVI is also fully registered and protected with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998.

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